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   Wafer Saw (Dicing) Equipment      Mold Die Vacuum Sealers
   Die Attach Machines Hermetic Sealing Equipment
   Wire Bonders High-volume Soldering, Brazing and Glass Sealing

   Screen Printers         Full-Line SMT         AOI & X-Ray         Rework System
   Defluxing Systems Stencil Cleaning Systems
   Reflow Solder/Curing System

   Reliability, Process, Wet Benches      Mask Aligners      Probe Stations
   Wafer Inspection System                Wafer Mounters    Wafer Bonders

   Testing & Inspection Temperature Testing Systems
   Product and Package Testing Equipment Cleanliness Testers
   UV Curable Dicing Tape & UV Exposure System Ovens Chambers

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Acrosemi Corporation draws upon 25 years of experience to offer a broad range of the world's leading innovative products and turn-key solutions used in the development and production of microelectronic devices for the semiconductor, photonics, hybrid, microlithography, surface mount techonology (SMT) and printed circuit industries, dicing saws and laser scribing systems, dicing blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, hard material Microelectronic Components (MECs) and in package singulation, and also for soldering, brazing and glass sealing of microelectronic packages and components.

In addition, we can also assist in Turnkey Solutions for:

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  • Surface Mount Assembly and Test Production Line.

  • Microwave, Hybrid Assembly, and Test Production Line.

  • Nanotech, MEMS Assembly, and Test Production Line.

  • Photonics, IC, RF Assembly, and Test Production Line.

  • Thick/Thin Film Assembly Line.
  • MEMS Package Sealing Line.
  • Hermetic Package Sealing Line.
  • Full range of Microelectronics Test, Assembly, and Packaging Line.
  • Full range of Dicing Solutions.

West·Bond Manual Wire BonderManual Wire Bonding (close up photo, bonding wire size is 25.4 microns)
Smooth Operation
(Look at the moving hand - then look at the tool)
Manual Die Bonders | Manual Wire Bonders | Semi-Automatic Wire Bonders |
Automatic Wire Bonders | Pull Test Machines | More ...

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Apple Becomes World’s Largest ...

Chips sees 25% surge in solar, wind

RF Application

Special "Thank You" Offer from ACROSEMI VIETNAM
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Acrosemi Corporation Named SemiProbe Representative

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Grow 53% in 2010

Acrosemi is proud to sponsor The 6th Vietnam National Conference on Solid State Physics and Material Science (SPMS-2009)
Da Nang, Vietnam

Acrosemi Attends Vietnam Electronics Industries Association (VEIA)'s Meeting for Term 2009-2013
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Acrosemi Wins 2009 Frost & Sullivan Emerging Company Award
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Hanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E.)
91 Tran Hung Dao St., Hanoi


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre – 148 Giang Vo Road, Hanoi, Vietnam
(Visit us at Booth #132)

Vietnam Technology Business Mixer (VTBM)
Sumerset Hotel, Vietnam
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VTBM Photos Gallery:
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Acrosemi - As seen on TV
Hanoi International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E.)
Cultural Palace Hanoi, Vietnam. (Booth No. C19)


ECIT 2007
Phu Tho Sport Centre
01 Lu Gia, District 11,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
(Booth No. 7, 8, 9 & 58, 59, 60)

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TechMart Hanoi 2007
Vietnam Exhibition Fair
148 Giang Vo,
Hanoi, Vietnam
(Booth No. 123)

West·Bond manufactures wire bonders, die bonders, die attach, epoxy die attach, and pull tester for the semiconductor industry.  Levels of automation vary from completely manual to fully automatic. Click here for more information.
SemiProbe is a global supplier of probing and testing solutions for microelectronics, solar applications, optoelectronics, MEMS, biotechnology, chemistry, microfluidics, and nanotechnology. Our goal is to provide industry with access to the latest high quality test technology to help lower the cost of test. Click here for more information.
Semiconductor Equipment Corporation (SEC) manufactures manual and semiautomatic assembly, rework, handling and test equipment used in development and production of microelectronic devices for the semiconductor, hybrid and printed circuit industries. Equipment ranges from flip chip die bonders, die handling equipment, rework systems, test equipment, pick and place systems, wafer and die tape to mounting equipment. Click here for more information.
SST International is widely recognized as an innovative leader in the development and application of microelectronic package assembly equipment and technology. For over twenty-five years, SST has provided flux-free and void-free soldering, brazing and glass sealing solutions to the world-wide electronics industry. Products include  Wafer Bonders, Vacuum/Pressure Furnaces, and Graphite Machining Services. Click here for more information.
YESTech, Inc. is a leading global provider of automated optical inspection (AOI) and high-resolution X-ray inspection systems. The full line of inspection systems offers cost-effective, integrated yield enhancement solutions for the printed circuit board assembly, advanced semiconductor-packaging and hybrid assembly to EMS providers and electronics OEM's worldwide. Click here for more information.
Sikama is one of the world's leading solder reflow systems manufacturers. Our products are used by the major high technology companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. We provide our customers the best services & quality and devote to building long-term relationship with our customers. Click here for more information.
Aqueous Technologies’ Trident Series automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing systems represent best-in-class defluxing technology, as demonstrated by Trident’s eight major industry awards in less than two years. Click here for more information.
Polaris Electronics Corp. offers projection welders and parallel seam sealers for microelectronic and optoelectronic packages, as well as spot welders, lid tackers and other, optional accessories designed to meet every hermetic sealing need. Click here for more information.
Accvacs is a manufacturer of Digital Table Top Impulse & Vacuum Heat Sealers. Our Impulse & Vacuum Sealers are Manufactured in the USA with the most Advanced Electronic & Pneumatic Controls which allows us to offer our customers the best Safety options, the best Seal and the best Warranty in the Industry. Click here for more information.
DeWeyl Tool, Inc. provides the finest quality bonding wedges in the world. DeWeyl's primary business is manufacturing wirebond wedges, die pickup tools, and Custom high precision tooling for the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Medical Industry. DeWeyl produces wedges made from ceramic, titanium, and tungsten carbide used in bonding Aluminum, Gold, Copper, and Platinum wires. Click here for more information.
Neutronix-Quintel (NXQ) offers a wide selection of mask aligners and automated pattern recognition alignment system. Click here for more information.